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Anyone can play music, but what counts is how you play it, what you play it with, and looking good while you do it!

If you want the job done right, you hire a professional. That’s me…dJmJc.

The Audioditions business model is that of efficiency and effectiveness.

My music collection rivals any music retailer and consists of over 2 Terrabytes of mp3s covering multiple genres.

The basic setup I use consists of the Numark Ns7, an HP Envy dv7 laptop, a Samson preamp/mixer, a wireless & wired microphone, and 2 Behringer Eurolive  B815NEO powered speakers.

Additional light , sound, & video setups are available upon request with added cost.

I  have been mixing with computers since their inception and have always been a big proponent of powered speakers, long range wireless mics, and feature-rich software. All of the aforementioned aid in keeping costs low and contributes to a ridiculously fast setup.

With the exception of weddings, my general rate is $100/hr. Charitable organizations, federal employees, and repeat customers can get as much as ½ off the hourly rate depending on the nature, locale, and length of the event. Carriers of my business card get 25% off.

While garnering your business, I also wish to impart my individualized knowledge of computer based deejaying and music in general via the pages of this website


Philadelphia, PA

Phone: 484-431-3827

Email: audioditions2@comcast.net  


Let me know your feelings.

What do you like or dislike?

Tell me how I can be of service to you.

When you need work done on your computer, whether it’s a repair or upgrade in the form of hardware or software, then I’m the man for the job.

If you need files saved off of a hard drive partition or documents retrieved from your recycle bin, I am only a phone call, text message, or email away.

My custom builds are second to none and hindered only by your budget.

Let me know your problem. Let me know your expectations. Let me know your vision.

A file save of up to 10 gigabytes in size and a reinstallation of windows is only $90.

Various discounts are given to repeat customers, and carriers of my business card.

If you would like your very own website designed & created by yours truly along with help in choosing a domain name coupled with web hosting, then I offer all inclusive packages  starting at only $400!

Click here to download my DJ contract as a Word docx

Click here to download my DJ contract as a PDF